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Online Learning

The scheme is a learning journey consists of three major components: 'Learning', 'Contest' and 'Extension'. An online course on App Inventor and workshops are offered for participants to learn coding and computation thinking. Teachers are also welcomed to register for the scheme and make use of the online course materials for school lessons. Additional online courses in Chinese Medicine and Psychology will be offered for free to serve as optional supporting materials related to the theme.


Online Course (App Inventor)

Click here to register for the course and login using HKEdCity's account.

For the first time user, please click here to read the user guide.


Expectation of Coding Literacy

No previous experience in programming is needed, and the course is suitable for students with any level of computing experience.


Coding Environment

An App Inventor coding environment has been tailor-made to cater the needs of this challenge, participants are advised to use this coding environment for the challenge, despite choosing to take the online course or not. Please use Chrome or Firefox as your web browser and click here to login to the platform using your HKEdCity account. Then, please click "Enter the specific App Inventor Server" to enter the environment.