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Contest Requirements / Judging Criteria


Awards for Application Development Contest:

Awards Quantity Prizes
Champion 1

Robobuilder RQ110 (Secondary Division)

Retro Arcade for Education (Primary Division)

1st Runner-up 1 Micro:bit + Inventor’s Kit
2nd Runner-up 1 Micro:bit + Buggy Car
Merit 3 HKD100 Book Coupon (Each Student)
AI Application Award 1 AI Probbie Robot II
Family Inclusive Award 1 Ozobot 2.0 Starter Pack



Division Coding Platform / Software Requirements
Primary School

Participants should use App Inventor for developing their app.

Create a new app that echo the ‘Healthy Lifestyle in the New Normal’ theme 

Secondary School



Each participating team shall submit the followings simultaneously:

1)App Inventor project file

  • The file should be an AIA file.
  • File size not bigger than 10MB

2)Introductory Video

  • The video shall demonstrate how the app achoes the theme and the characteristics of your work, demonstration of operation etc.
  • The video should be within 3 minutes with the file size limit of 1 GB.
  •  Video format should be AVI、MP4、MPEG、MPG、MOV or WMV

3)Introductory PowerPoint

  • The PowerPoint file shall include the ideas of your work, technical aspect of the app and division of labour etc.
  • The PowerPoint file shall contain no more than 10 slides with the file size limit of 200MB
  • File format should be PPT or PPTX


Judging Criteria


Expression of Theme

  • Identify a problem which corresponds with the theme of ‘Healthy Lifestyle in the New Normal’
  • Demonstrate appropriate ways of solving the problem using computational thinking

Creativity and Aesthetic Value

  • Demonstrate creativity and uniqueness in the content, organization, utility and design
  • Show a sense of beauty in the design, color and proportion

App Design Techniques and User Experience

  • Demonstrate organized, logical and comprehensive app design
  • Provide user-friendly design and clear instructions
  • Demonstrate the appropriate use of the technological potentials of App Inventor

Team collaboration and communication

  • Demonstrate a good plan and implementation of team collaboration
  • Clearly describe the design and operation of the work in the introductory video and PowerPoint


*Judging Criteria of AI Application Award - (1) The AI solutions used are suitable for solving problems in the project; (2) The AI solutions are proficiently implemented.

*Judging Criteria of Family Inclusive Award - (1) The degree of family involvement during the process of making or using the submitted App; or (2) The impact of promoting family relationships through the use of the submitted App.