EdCity Invited Expert to Share Tips to Boost Children’s Competitiveness

EdCity has always empowered parents to cultivate their children’s potential with a wealth of parental knowledge and skills. On May 25, EdCity hosted the ‘Parent Seminar (Part V): Secrets to Enhance Children’s Competitiveness’, featuring Dr Lee Shu Kam, Director of Business, Economic and Public Policy Research Centre at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. The parenting seminar drew over 140 parents. It was designed to benefit participants by equipping them with skills for providing family emotional support, fostering a positive mindset, and establishing actionable goals – all with the overarching aim of enabling these parents to better support their children through challenges. 

Dr Lee shed light on different methods to bolster childrens resilience and foster a positive mindset. 

Dr Lee emphasised that children have the capacity to learn and grow in both favourable and challenging situations.