The Rise of eLearning: A Parent Seminar Promotes Vision Care and Cybersecurity for Children

EdCity recently hosted the fifth edition of the ‘e-Generation Joyful Internet Surfing’ Parent Seminar. The event featured engaging discussions with experts and parents on how to protect children’s vision and improve their cyber security awareness. 

The ever-increasing integration of electronic devices into the daily lives of modern school-aged children has left many parents concerned about the potential negative impacts of prolonged digital screen exposure on their children’s vision and ocular health. To address these concerns, Ms Bobo Fung, a resident optometrist from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, provided parents with a set of practical tips to help prevent the development of myopia and slow its progression.  

Given young students’ early engagement with the internet, the seminar also addressed the potential dangers and pitfalls present in the online world. Mr Li Man Fung, Senior Inspector of Police from the Cyber Security Division, Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau, shared strategies with parents to help shield their children from falling prey to cyber traps as a way to bolster children’s digital safety consciousness and empower them to utilise the internet securely for their educational pursuits.