OUHK Project for Secondary School Teachers
on Conducting Extended Learning Activities in English for Science/ PSHE Key Learning Area
The Open University of Hong Kong
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3-day Course for Secondary School Teachers on Conducting Extended Learning Activities in English for the Science Education/PSHE Key Learning Area

Course introduction:

This course draws on sound educational theories and principles to introduce teacher participants to current understandings regarding academic English and help them to identify the particular academic English characteristics of the Science/PSHE KLA. It also explores the linguistic prerequisites for successful ELA study through the medium of English and provides participants with the skills to analyse student readiness for and needs in relation to English medium study of Science/PSHE ELAs. They will be exposed to teaching strategies and gain hands-on experience of these strategies for teaching, making use of the ELA resources they have developed.

This course strives to be as practical and relevant to front-line teachers’ needs as possible. It will include a session introducing participants to the online course platform (established through Hong Kong EdCity), where they will be able to obtain and exchange sample ELA teaching materials, pedagogical ideas and key concepts presented during the course. The network will continue to support participants after the end of the course in different modes, such as school visits, dialogues and electronic correspondence to be provided by the teaching team members. All these aim to assist serving teachers in implementing initiatives at the school level related to the provision of Science/PSHE ELAs.



At the completion of training, teacher participants should be able to:

  • identify the defining characteristics specific to disciplines in the Science/PSHE KLA
  • identify the English language competencies necessary for successful learning of Science/PSHE subject content through ELAs in English
  • formulate appropriate student learning outcomes
  • analyse suitable means for helping students to develop academic English language and literacy skills
  • develop teaching strategies to motivate students, and
  • apply the knowledge obtained to develop curriculum resources for ELAs within the Science/PSHE KLA.


Contact Hours:

18 hours (6 hours/day)


Language Medium:




Contact Person(s): Mr Wilson Fung (OUHK) / Dr Edward Y W Chu (OUHK)
Enquiry Telephone No: 2768 5878 Mr Fung / 2768 5829 Dr Chu
Email Address: wfung@ouhk.edu.hk / echu@ouhk.edu.hk