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Activity Details

How to pick and eat wisely as a 'Smart Shopper'? 

The Consumer Council (CC) and EdCity co-organise the first-ever ’Smart Shopper Go Go Goal’ Online Quiz in the upcoming Easter holiday. The Quiz covers five types of snack or food which are commonly consumed by primary school students. By joining the interactive quiz with the latest contents selected from CC’s signature ’CHOICE MAGAZINE’, you can learn beyond the classroom, uncover the hidden health risks of different food in the market, and become a smart shopper who ’pick & eat’ wisely with relevant tips for choosing food. After watching five food videos and answering questions, you will be eligible to win a prize!


The 'Smart Shopper Go Go Goal' Online Quiz has been completed. Please CLICK HERE for the winners.



Primary 4 – 6 students in Hong Kong



The activity is staged in the form of an online quiz. Students having an account with Hong Kong Education City can join.


Awards and Prizes


Selection Criteria


The Most Active Participation Award

Top 10 schools with the highest participation rate

HK$1000 book voucher

Top Smarty

First 20 students with the highest score

HK$100 book voucher

In addition to 20 winning students, an 8GB USB flash drive will be presented to each of the top students in each participating school.