Map in Learning (MiL) Program
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With the implementation of ‘The Fourth Strategy on IT in Education’ (ITE4), over 90% public sector schools in Hong Kong have had WiFi in all classrooms. A solid foundation for eLearning is established and schools are now ready for more extensive adoption of eLearning resources and tools to facilitate innovative learning and teaching.


Map in Learning (MiL) Program

Map in Learning (MiL) Program, organised by Esri China (HK) and Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) with the support from the Education Bureau (EDB), aims to provide ‘ArcGIS Online’, a user-friendly, cloud-based mapping platform, to all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and Macau for free so as to develop, promote and sustain an excellent eLearning environment and resources in education for our next generations. The ultimate goal of MiL Program is enabling students to develop essential life-long learning capabilities and problem-solving skills in the ever-changing society.


What is ArcGIS Online?

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based mapping platform, easy to use and accessible at anywhere, anytime on any device for everyone. Under the MiL Program, teachers can integrate online mapping technology and spatial analytics into different subjects like STEM, PSHE, Liberal Studies, General Studies and even Languages, etc. to engage students in the innovative and interactive learning atmosphere.



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