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Competition Details

To carry on our cultural tradition and to provide students with a good role model to show respect to their teacher, the Education Bureau, the Committee on Home-School Co-operation, the Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) and Sing Tao Daily join hands again in organising the 28th "Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers" Drive (PAAT Drive) in the 2021/2022 school year. Parents can express their gratitude to their children's teachers by sending them the "Appreciation Card for Teachers".


The result of the 'Competition on e-card design of Appreciation Card for Teachers' has been released. Please click the eCard page to choose your favourite winning pieces, and send them to the teachers.



To encourage parents to express gratitude to their children’s teachers through designing the “Appreciation Card for Teachers” in e-format to carry on our cultural tradition and provide students with a good role model who show respect and gratitude to the teachers.


  • Parents whose children being current students of local kindergartens (including kindergarten-cum-child care centres), primary schools, secondary schools and special schools
  • They can also participate with their children as a group
  • Each participant group should submit ONE entry only

Submission of Entries

The submission is closed



Entry Category

Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School


English or Chinese

Entry Specifications

Image or video files with following formats are required:

  • Image: In JPEG / GIF format; file size not larger than 5 MB; resolution not exceeding 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Video: In AVI / MP4 / MPEG / MPG / MOV / WMV format (SWF file is not accepted); file size not larger than 100 MB; video length not exceeding 1 minute


29 April 2022

Panel of Adjudicators

  • Chairperson and members of the 28th PAAT Drive
  • Representative(s) from EdCity
  • Representative(s) from Sing Tao Daily

Selection Criteria

  • Content (40%)
  • Creativity (40%)
  • Presentation Skills (20%)


Certificates and Souvenirs for the Champion, 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up and Merit Prize of each Entry Category.

Announcement of Results

Lists of the prize winners and winning entries have been uploaded to CHSC website and EdCity website by mid-June 2022. Winners and their schools will be notified by post.

Prize-winning E-Cards

The winning entries will be shared to other parents and students, who may send the winning e-cards to their teachers to show their gratitude and respect.

General Regulations

  1. All entries cannot bear any names and school names. Signature, border and watermark in the form of text, symbols or pictures which contain personal information are prohibited. Submissions not complying with the competition regulations will be disqualified.
  2. To promote the originality of the entries, the use of clipart available in software and on the internet is not encouraged.
  3. All submissions should be original, without infringement of copyrights, and have not been publicised before. Entries found to have infringed other people’s copyrights, be they commercial or non-commercial, will be disqualified. The Organisers will not be held responsible for any infringement of copyrights committed by the participants.
  4. In view of the concerns over privacy and image rights, participants should avoid submitting entries with pictures / photographs of individuals.
  5. The Organisers own the copyrights of all entries and will have the right to edit and use all entries in promotion, exhibition and publication purposes. Prior notice or payment to participants for the copyright is not required.
  6. Participants agree to provide personal data and authorise the Organisers to release such data for promotional purpose. All collected data will be destroyed if they are no longer required after the Competition.
  7. Awardees must collect the certificate and prize before 31 August 2022. Uncollected certificates and prizes will be deregistered thereafter. The Organisers are not obliged to reissue replacement certificates and prizes.
  8. Decisions of the panel of adjudicators shall be final and participants shall raise no objection.
  9. The Organisers reserve the final right to interpret and amend the regulations of the Competition.


  • General issues: Please contact the Secretariat of the CHSC (Tel: 3698 4376)
  • Technical issues: Please contact the EdCity (Tel: 2624 1000 / email: info@edcity.hk )