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Hong Kong ICT Awards 2024: Student Innovation Award has been created with the objectives of:

  • Cultivating a cultural environment that nurtures and encourages innovative and creative thinking
  • Increasing student engagement and enthusiasm in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Promoting the application of Computational Thinking for effective problem-solving
  • Offering a stage for students to present their innovative concepts and projects
  • Revealing the hidden capabilities of students and motivating potential talents to pursue careers as ICT professionals

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current students
  • Participate in teams, limited to 1 to 4 students per team
  • The participating team members in the primary and secondary school groups must be students from the same school; the stream of higher education is allowed to participate in joint university or college
  • The stream of primary and secondary school must be registered by the responsible teacher of the respective school
  • Each participating team must arrange for a student to serve as team leader to facilitate contact with EdCity


  1. Participants from higher education must provide valid student certification documents (such as student ID cards)
  2. The list of participating team members cannot be changed after the deadline for submission of entries


  • Stream 1: Primary
  • Stream 2: Junior Secondary
  • Stream 3: Senior Secondary
  • Stream 4: Higher Education

*Includes students in Diploma, Higher Diploma, Associate Degree and Bachelor's full-time programs

Mode of Competition

Each participating team must choose one of the competition themes and prepare a project proposal (no more than 18 slides of PowerPoint) and submit the application form and project through the EdCity online system before the deadline (on or before July 12).

Competition Stages