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  • Each stream will select: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit Awards
  • The Gold awardees in each stream will compete for the Student Innovation Grand Award
  • A new award will be added to each award category: "Best Artificial Intelligence Application" Award
  • "Award of the year"
    • The Student Innovation Grand Award winner will participate in the Grand Judging Panel with the other ICT Awards winners in late October 2024, and will be selected from the eight awards by the Grand Judging Panel
  • Two new awards will be added "Teacher Active Guidance Award" and "School Active Participation Award" in this year

Prizes and Benefits for Winners

Winners will be entitled:

  • To receive trophies (Gold/Silver/Bronze) of the HKICTA;
  • To gain exposure at the Learning & Teaching Expo, showcasing their work to educators;
  • To attend the awards presentation ceremony and other events to gain extensive media coverage;
  • To share experiences through video interviews shared on EdCity and partner platforms;
  • To receive prototype support fund for the implementation of the winning projects (solely for project implementation and not for personal remuneration or reward, it is exclusively available to Grand and Gold Awardees.)

To learn more about the awards arranged by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (such as assistance in participating in other regional and international awards and competitions, matching activities, etc.), you can browse the "Application Information"