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About us
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  • Established in 2000 with the support of the Quality Education Fund, Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) was incorporated in 2002 to become a wholly-owned company of the Government. Its mission is to enable better adaptation to change curriculum initiatives through technology.

    As the prime one-stop professional education portal in Hong Kong, the EdCity portal (EdCity.hk) is replete with information, resources, interactive communities and online services, which promote the use of information technology (I.T.) to boost the effectiveness of learning and teaching. It is also devoted to seizing new opportunities arising within the education sector.

EdCity is dedicated to developing high-quality online services across the region, with the aim of:

  • Facilitating exchanges of educational resources and information among schools and teachers, while building a professional teachers’ community;
  • Encouraging students to make effective use of eLearning resources, as part of the growing trend of student-centric self-directed learning; and
  • Empowering parents to nurture their children’s whole-person development and encourage them to become lifelong learners.

Through synergy arising from teachers, students and parents closely collaborating with our partners, we are proactively building an interactive service platform that is beneficial for both learning and teaching.

Our Logo

Blue, the boundless sky paints;
Green, vitality of nature brings.
Eye of the young,
Exudes curiosity, creativity, and dreams.
It leads you to explore the world, the knowledge, the future…