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Application Form and Project Submission

Note for submit the application form and project:

  • Applicants should complete the application form according to the request from Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO)
  • Participants need to fill in hte designated form according to the stream
  • Streams Form Preview Submit the Form and project
    Stream 1-3: Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary stream 1-3 preview submit
    Stream 4: Higher Education stream 4 preview submit
  • The stream of primary and secondary school must be registered by responsible teacher of the respective school
  • All applications must be submitted through the EdCity website with application forms and projects
  • Please ensure that the file name of the proposal is named according to the specified sorting method (Stream code + Project name) E.g.: S1_智慧水龍頭
  • Streams Primary Junior Secondary Senior Secondary Higher Education
    Code S1 S2 S3 S4
  • Each participating team must choose one of the competition themes and prepare a project proposal (no more than 18 slides of PowerPoint)
  • The project MUST be PowerPoint/PDF format
  • The submitted file cannot be deleted. Please make sure it is the finalised version
  • Please ensure that all relevant parts of the form are completed and the information is accurate.
  • Applicant should complete the application form and upload project through online system on or before 11:59pm (HKT), 12 July 2024 (Friday).