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The third physical theme-based workshop - A final boost

The third physical theme-based workshop for the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2024 – Student Innovation Award has successfully concluded on June 29, 2024. The workshop was attracted nearly 50 teachers and students who gained insights into the competition’s contents.

The event featured a sharing session with past judge of the Hong Kong ICT Awards: Student Innovation Award, Ms Cynthia Lee, the Education Manager of Hong Kong Education City. Through various interactive games, participants learned the importance of teamwork. They also had the opportunity to deliver short speeches and receive real-time feedback and scoring tips to enhance their presentation and speaking skills.

Through this interactive workshop and lecturer sharing, it aimed to motivate participants and give them a final boost before the competition.

the key secrets to achieving success in the competition at the first attempt
Students engaged in a group discussion section to learn about teamwork.
valuable experience in coordinating and leading students activities
Ms Cynthia Lee shared her valuable experience on the presentation and speaking skills.