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Student Innovation Award: Last 5 Days to Submit Your Applications!

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2024 – Student Innovation Award aims to encourage students to showcase their creativity by combining computational thinking with knowledge of ICT, proposing schemes that benefit society. EdCity will introduce each theme in a five-day series, as well as advise relevant services provided by different organizations! We hope to inspire and motivate those preparing to participate!

Let's start by introducing the first theme: "Enhancing Information Literacy". The widespread dissemination of information technology has led to the frequent acquisition of information from the internet or social media, but the quality and reliability of such information vary greatly. In view of this, we need to enhance our search, evaluation, usage, and dissemination of information skills to maintain a healthy online environment. According to the Education Bureau, information literacy can be effectively cultivated through the application of generic skills

cultivating information literacy through shared skills can effectively nurture informed citizens.

Information literacy is not limited to young people. The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) regularized the ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly, offering diverse activities that enable seniors to experience digital life and easily learn digital technology and understand the importance of information literacy, thereby integrating them into smart living.

Welcome any young person passionate about social technology innovation join the Student Innovation Award and put their ideas into practice, using their own strengths to drive social progress!"

Apply Now: edcity.hk/ictawards/submission

Application Deadline: 12 July 2024(Friday)

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