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Four Days Remaining to Submit Applications for Student Innovation Award!

To encourage students to unleash their creativity and apply innovative technologies to enhance social quality. The winning teams of Hong Kong ICT Awards – Student Innovation Award will receive Prototype Fund to implement their awarded projects.

Integrating technological elements with humanities concerns enables convenience in daily life and enhances social safety, promoting social harmony. To promote the development of a smart city, the Hong Kong government has recently launched the “Multi-functional Smart Lampposts” in new development areas, providing convenient information services (such as environmental weather and traffic information) and collect real-time urban data for analysis, thereby strengthening city management.

Welcome any young person passionate about social technology innovation join the Student Innovation Award and put their ideas into practice, using their own strengths to drive social progress!"

Apply Now: edcity.hk/ictawards/submission

Application Deadline: 12 July 2024(Friday)

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