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Online Question Bank (OQB) is an online learning platform designed to facilitate ‘Assessment for Learning’. The questions are mainly from past papers provided by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA), covering 10 subjects, including Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Information and Communication Technology, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Tourism and Hospitality Studies and Physical Education. To empower all schools to widely adopt quality assessment platform with the lowest threshold, OQB platform offers the ‘whole school’ subscription model that allows the use of platform by paying a reasonably-priced subscription fee.

OQB also includes questions from content providers for free use, teachers and students can experience the use of eAssessment platform for implementing ‘Assessment for Learning’.

In the 2023/24 school year, OQB launches two add-on services built on top of the platform, namely HKDSE Diagnostic Feedback System (DFS) and Data-driven Assessment Enhancement Programme, to provide useful feedback to students and teachers for enhancing ‘Assessment for Learning’. Schools which have subscribed or are going to subscribe to Online Question Bank (OQB) can further subscribe to an add-on service of either (1) HKDSE Diagnostic Feedback System (DFS); or (2) Data-driven Assessment Enhancement Programme. 

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Assessment for Learning

By making good use of digital assessment, ‘Assessment for Learning’ enhances the effectiveness of learning and teaching by modifying teaching strategies based on feedback gained from students’ assessment results.

Assessment for Learning

What's New

20% off for OQB individual subscription

A 20% off discount is offered to OQB individual subscription from today onwards. Please CLICK HERE for details.

2023 HKDSE Questions are NOW available!

2023 HKDSE Questions are NOW available! Please check out the questions by logging in to OQB platform.

System Update

New and enhanced functions have been released on 13 Sep 2023. Please CLICK HERE for details.

Preset Papers (ICT)

10 ICT preset papers are uploaded. More than 200 preset papers covering ALL 10 subjects are now available in OQB. Please CLICK HERE for details.

Offer on OQB Subscription 2023/24

A discount is offered to OQB cross-year subscription from today onwards. Please CLICK HERE for details.

20% Off for OQB Individual Subscription

A 20% off discount is offered to OQB individual subscription from today onwards. Please CLICK HERE for details.