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Kwok Tak Seng Catholic Secondary School
Ms. Yau Man Wai, Mathematics Teacher​
'The Online Question Bank (OQB) is equipped with functions to encourage students’ self-learning, such as storing ‘Multiple-choice questions’ for subjects of different public exams, and has a unique ‘Creating Practice’ function, so that students can make targeted practice assessments in preparing for public exams according to their own learning progress and needs. In addition, the OQB makes a learning report for each comprehensive assessment, which records the students’ scores for each assessment, so they can refer to and reflect on the parts did not know so well when reviewing, to promote students’ independence.'
Homantin Government Secondary School
Ms. Anita Tse Suk-man, Science Education KLA Coordinator; Head of Chemistry Department
'OQB provides multiple-choice questions from HKEAA, which are categorised by topic and level of difficulty. This makes it easier for teachers and students to select different topics in order to clarify concepts. The analysis reports allow teachers to understand students’ learning progress and effectively facilitate assessment for learning.'
HKTA the Yuen Yuen Institute No. 1 Secondary School
Mr. Kan Wai Hung​​, Principal
'Our teachers find the Online Question Bank (OQB) a time-saving and user-friendly tool for preparing teaching materials as well as examination papers. In addition, tasks in the OQB are categorized in chronological order according to topics and levels of difficulty. All these features facilitate lesson preparation and allow flexibility for teachers to help students consolidate what they have learnt. The statistical analyses of students’ work completed in OQB not only enable the teachers to understand the overall performance of the students but also individual students’ needs, thus achieving the aim to cater for learner diversity. Furthermore, the in-class use of OQB has also enhanced interactions between students and teachers as instant feedback is available. By using the materials in the OQB, students are able to design their own revision papers and learn at their pace after the lesson.'
Experience Sharing
Webinar on 'Effective Learning through the Constant Utilisation of eAssessment'

Although the use of eAssessment in teaching is far from new, there is no denying that it should be a regular and constant tools under the new normal of eLearning in education. eAssessment can have a range of benefits in learning and teaching, particular in facilitating students’ personalised learning and refining teachers’ teaching strategies through data feedback.

Apart from the introduction of Online Question Bank (OQB), expert representatives from HKEAA provided in-depth information about Diagnostic Feedback System (DFS). Additionally, experienced teachers also shared how to utilise eAssessment resources and tools in different subjects to implement ‘Assessment for learning’.

Webinar on 'Accelerating Student's Personalised Learning with a Focus on Assessment Literacy'

Teachers are encouraged to utilise eAssessment resources and tools for formative assessment, and analyse students’ learning data. By doing these, teachers can facilitate student’s self-learning, and adjust learning and teaching plans for more effective Assessment-for-learning. In this seminar, apart from scholar’s insights, experienced teachers share how to utilise eAssessment resources and tools in different subjects to implement ‘Assessment for learning’, and students share their experiences on self-learning.

A Little Goes a Long Way: the Key to Effective eAssessment (Hands-on Practice)

The effectiveness of evaluation is accumulated bit by bit. Compared with traditional assessment methods, electronic assessment makes comprehensive collection of student learning data possible. When the teacher transforms the data in the performance analysis report into valuable information, it helps analyse the overall learning situation of the students, and even the performance of former students, so as to make corresponding lesson plans and meet the learning diversity.

'Teacher Professional Development Series': Construct Personalised Learning through Deepening Assessment Literacy and Effective use of eAssessment (Secondary School)

In view of the increasing trend of eLearning and adoption of eAssessment, collection of continuous learning data is contributive for teachers to analyse and evaluate students’ learning performance and effectiveness, and achieve personalised learning. This also encourages the tranformation of teaching strategies, and eventually brings quality learning and teaching. To help teachers deepen their assessment literacy and utilise eAssessment resources and tools into teaching, EdCity organised teacher professional development series seminar themed ‘Construct Personalised Learning through Deepening Assessment Literacy and Effective use of eAssessment’.

Webinar on 'From Design to Evaluation: Make Use of Online Question Bank for Effective Assessment'

To help teachers conduct effective eAssessment with Online Question Bank (OQB) and follow-up to students’ performance with learning data, HKEdCity had organised this webinar to demonstrate OQB’s features, with school representatives invited to share their practical experience.

Deepen Learning and Cater for Learner Diversity with STAR and Online Question Bank in Secondary School Mathematics and Science Lessons

This online workshop aims to let teachers experience how to use STAR to conduct assessment for tracking individual and overall students’ learning progress through assessment data, so as to make timely feedback and follow-up.

Online Question Bank (OQB) Workshop

Education in the 21st century emphasises on developing students' essential skills to help them stand up to any challenges in the future. In this process, teachers need to use their ingenuity to integrate pedagogies into innovative technology, to improve students’ learning motivation and ability.

Seminar on 'Effective Use of Online Question Bank to Implement Assessment for Learning'

To implement ‘Assessment for Learning’, both resources and analytics are essential. In collaboration with HKEAA, the ‘Online Question Bank’ (OQB) provides past papers in electronic version for teachers and students to conduct eAssessment and collect timely learning data, so as to adapt the teaching strategy to the learning performance to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching.

HKEdCity organised a seminar on ‘Effective use of Online Question Bank to Implement Assessment for Learning’ for teachers to learn OQB’s latest features. School representative was invited to share experience on how to utilise OQB for deepening ‘Assessment for Learning’.

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