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Offer on OQB Subscription 2022/23

The 'whole school' subscription model is launched. All teachers and students can use the question bank with reasonably-priced subscription fee. Subscribe to one-year package, or cross-year package with a discount offer now.

'Online Question Bank Award Scheme' 2020/21
'Online Question Bank Award Scheme' 2021/22

The 'Online Question Bank Award Scheme' is launched to facilitate school's effective adoption of 'Online Question Bank', promoting 'Assessment for Learning' in a whole-school approach, as well as developing students' self-directed learning habit.

'Online Question Bank' Teaching Ideas
'Online Question Bank' Learning and Teaching Ideas

To help students and teachers master Online Question Bank's application skills, all related learning and teaching ideas have been consolidated on the 'Resource Sharing' page for students' and teachers' easy reference according to their needs.