Support academic collaboration and resource sharing, establish a professional teaching community, encourage students to make good use of online interactive learning platforms, and build an independent learning model to help parents become peers in their children’s growth and learning, and promote whole-person development and lifelong learning.

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Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) has been actively working to strengthen ties across the educational sector. In February 2024, EdCity organised and successfully hosted two sharing sessions with the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE) and the Association of I.T. Leaders in Education (AiTLE). These sessions brought together professionals from various domains, including educators and technology experts, who engaged in lively discussions on pressing issues. Topics such as e-learning implementation and the current trends and prospects of education technology in Hong Kong were deliberated, aiming to drive advancements in information technology adoption within the education field. The events served as a vibrant platform, fostering collective efforts and generating concrete initiatives to propel technology's growth and widespread utilisation in education.
The Education Bureau, in collaboration with EdCity and the Committee on Home-School Co-operation, organised the ‘e-Generation Joyful Internet Surfing’ Parent Seminar (3): Protecting Personal Data Privacy Online & Effective Use of Library e-Resources. The event was well-received. During the session, Mr Eric Pheng, Manager (Corporate Communications) of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, shared practical tips for safeguarding personal data from the risk of data breaches when using social media and online platforms alike. Ms Winnie Lau, the Assistant Librarian of the Hong Kong Central Library, also introduced participants to the vast array of e-Resources available at the libraries.
On 1 February 2024, EdCity hosted a hybrid seminar on value education. During the session, EdCity's representative seized the opportunity to share their experiences in integrating positive education into activity-based learning and advocated for all-round personal development and growth of students. Engaging with the participants, Professor Sylvia Kwok, a distinguished professor from the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences and the Convenor of Positive Education Laboratory at City University of Hong Kong, offered her invaluable insights on how to effectively promote positivity on campuses and cultivate positive values and attitudes among students.

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