Support academic collaboration and resource sharing, establish a professional teaching community, encourage students to make good use of online interactive learning platforms, and build an independent learning model to help parents become peers in their children’s growth and learning, and promote whole-person development and lifelong learning.

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EdCity recently hosted the fifth edition of the 'e-Generation Joyful Internet Surfing' Parent Seminar. The event featured engaging discussions with experts and parents on how to protect children's vision and improve their cyber security awareness.
EdCity has always empowered parents to cultivate their children's potential with a wealth of parental knowledge and skills. On May 25, EdCity hosted the ‘Parent Seminar (Part V): Secrets to Enhance Children’s Competitiveness’, featuring Dr Lee Shu Kam, Director of Business, Economic and Public Policy Research Centre at Hong Kong Shue Yan University.
The 16th Hong Kong Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Contest and Prize Presentation Ceremony was held on 18th May. As a steadfast supporter of contest, EdCity played a pivotal role by providing an online registration and competition platform. This contribution aimed to ignite students' interest and deepen their understanding of national diplomatic knowledge, equipping them with a global perspective and a profound appreciation for the significance of diplomacy in global development.

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