eREAP 2.0

Empowering to Master High-Quality e-Learning Tools

“eREAP 2.0” is an upgraded version of the “eREAP” program launched by the EdCity since 2015.  It aims to further enhance the development of EdTech in schools by introducing and recommending high-quality e-learning resources and tools.  The program encourages teachers to adopt innovative technologies in the classroom, thereby improving the effectiveness of learning and teaching. It also assists vendors in understanding school needs and providing better solutions.


“eREAP 2.0” is committed to introducing globally recognized e-learning resources which evaluated by professionals to ensure the selection of suitable resources for this program.


We welcome vendors to actively participate in this initiative and actively search for high-quality solutions worldwide. In addition to providing a list of recommendation for schools’ reference. We also offer trial opportunities for vendors to showcase their products to schools. Vendors can also choose to collaborate with our Business Development Team to streamline the purchasing process with schools, thus expanding their sales channels.



  1. Global Searching regularly
    EdCity is responsible for conducting a global search to gather high-quality solutions and contacting suppliers to obtain necessary information for content review.

  2. Submissions by Supplier 
    Suppliers are welcome to submit the proposals and trial accounts to EdCity for review. The committee conducts reviews and evaluations every three months. We will be offering opportunities for the selected suppliers to provide demonstration of the solution.

  3. Review Process
    EdCity conducts internal reviews based on scoring criteria. If necessary, external experts’ opinions will be sought for evaluation.

* EdCity will notify shortlisted suppliers via email. If a supplier does not receive any notification within three months after submission, it can be considered that the resource in question was not selected.


* The review mechanism is an internal process and does not have an appeals arrangement.


  1. Recommendation:
    EdCity will regularly publish a list of recommended high-quality solutions and make the scoring results available on the website.

  2. Reselling:
    Shortlisted suppliers on the list can also collaborate with EdCity to facilitate the complete procurement process with schools.。



  • EdCity strives to select suitable and high-quality e-learning resources. However, Education City disclaims any responsibility for any damages or losses incurred as a result of schools’ adoption of the respective resources.
  • EdCity cannot guarantee the learning outcomes or results of using the related resources. eREAP 2.0 is entirely a voluntary decision made by schools regarding their purchase or adoption of the program.