eREAP 2.0

eREAP 2.0 Empowering Educators with EdTech Tools

“eREAP 2.0” is an enhanced and upgraded initiation of the “eREAP” program since 2015. It aims to further enhance schools to adopt EdTech solutions in schools by introducing high-quality e-learning resources, tools and solutions. By adopting quality solutions, it is hoped to improve the efficacies and experience of learning and teaching. 


To Collate

The quality eLearning Resources from Hong Kong and worldwide

To Save

Time and effort of school teachers in researching system and solutions

To Assist

Schools to adopt eLearning Resources


Searching regularly

EdCity will collect information for quality Edtech solutions and contact suppliers to obtain necessary information to review.

Submissions by Supplier

Suppliers are welcomed to submit the proposals and trial accounts to EdCity for review. The committee conducts reviews and evaluations regularly. Suppliers maybe invited to provide demonstration of their solutions.

Review Process

EdCity conducts reviews regularly, external experts’ opinions will be sought when necessary.


EdCity will regularly update the list of Edtech solutions.


EdCity strives to select suitable and high-quality e-learning resources. However, Education City disclaims any responsibility for any damages or losses incurred as a result of schools’ adoption of the respective resources

EdCity cannot guarantee the learning outcomes or results of using the related resources. eREAP 2.0 is entirely a voluntary decision made by schools regarding their purchase or adoption of the program.


The eResources cover both main subjects and non-academic domains in primary and secondary schools, to cater for the needs of students comprehensively.