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What is EdData?

EdData is a standardised data format and platform specification co-established by EdCity, the Education Bureau, industry partners and the education community. It facilitates primary and secondary schools to implement eLearning, ease the administrative works of data access and management, which provides you with the division of mandatory and optional data, the latest update time of data, a user interface, procedures to authorise data access, as well as the scope of usage of the students data.

Characteristics of EdData:

  1. Standardise data format and platform specification to simplify administration
  2. Manage account data for multiple eResources on single platform
  3. Authorise publishers / providers to use account data easily
  4. Ensure account data quality to facilitate safe and effective learning analysis

Benefits of Using EdData:

EdData plays a vital role in promoting eLearning and is beneficial to school administrators, teachers, students and eResource providers,

School Administrator

Simplifying Administrations

  • With schools updating accounts on ‘School Accounts Administration System’ annually, providers will be able to access updated data, simplifying the administrative works of data transfer between school and different providers.

Safeguarding Data Transfer

  • Schools can manage, including accept, edit or decline data requests for different eResources systematically on the EdData portal, to protect personal information and authorise providers to properly access school data with ease.
  • Accessing data through the EdData portal eliminates manual provision of data file and enhances data security.

Data Transfer Logs

  • The EdData portal provides data transfer record, for schools to better understand the implementation progress of eLearning.

Instant Notifications to Users

  • Apart from logging in to the platform to view the real-time data request, notification emails will be sent to users by the system.

Centralising Data Management on Single Platform

  • By eliminating routine works of data transfer, teachers’ time can be saved for learning and teaching.

Single Sign-on Management

  • Teachers can log in to different platforms with a single account, reducing the burden of managing multiple accounts.

Unified Login Experience

  • Students can log in to different platforms with a single account, without memorising multiple sets of login information.

Simplifying Administrations

  • Providers can request for access to school data on the EdData portal, eliminating the follow up works with each school.
  • Providers no longer need to work on account activation, data input and transfer, multiple account management, and regular updates, etc.

Managing Data Access and Making Changes

  • The EdData portal will notify providers by email once the school has responded to the data access request
  • Providers will receive email notifications if the school has made changes on the data, e.g. adding or removing students.

Data Transfer Logs

  • The EdData portal provides data transfer record, for publishers to better understand the state of each school.

What is EdConnect?

EdConnect is launched riding on the comprehensive EdCity membership system, providing users with a single sign-on solution for WiFi authenticaton, as well as connecting to multiple eLearning resources and online platforms with a single account. EdConnect helps schools to remove the hassle of creating and managing a large number of accounts with different providers.


WiFi as a Service (WaaSchool)

To be in line with the ‘Support Scheme for eLearning in Schools’, EdCity offers a WiFi authentication service, in which users can use EdCity account to connect to the internet without memorising multiple sets of login information.

Single Sign-on – User Directory Service

Teachers and students can log in with EdCity account to use the online resources connected with ‘EdConnect Single Sign-on Directory Services’, and schools can decide whether or not to authorise provider(s) to access student data, protecting data 

Benefits of ‘EdConnect Single Sign-on Directory Service’

  • Single sign-on solution: users need not to memorise multiple sets of login information
  • EdCity updates school information every year, ensuring to provide the latest and most accurate information for providers
  • Adopting the following open authorisation to facilitate integration by developers
    • Web: OAUTH 2.0, SAML 2.0
    • App: AppAuth, Webview (NOT support login with Google account)
  • Reducing the administrative works, e.g. account activation data input and account management
  • Activating user access to online platforms or eBooks instantly