EdConnect Single Sign-On Solution

To meet the increasing demand for eResources in educational environments, EdCity has introduced two solutions: EdConnect’s Single Sign-on (SSO) service and the EdData portal. These solutions enable schools to streamline administrative tasks related to student data management and accessing educational resources by implementing a standardized data format and platform specifications.

What is EdConnect?

EdConnect is launched riding on the comprehensive EdCity membership system, providing users with a single sign-on solution for WiFi authenticaton, as well as connecting to multiple eLearning resources and online platforms with a single account. EdConnect helps schools to remove the hassle of creating and managing a large number of accounts with different providers.

Single Sign-on – User Directory Service

Teachers and students can log in with EdCity account to use the online resources connected with “EdConnect Single Sign-on Directory Services”, and schools can decide whether or not to authorise provider(s) to access student data, protecting data.

Schools can manage all purchased and free resources of EdConnect service providers on the “Resources and Tools Management” page, also known as the “School Page” (www.edcity.hk/schoolpage). This enables students to use their HKEdCity accounts to connect to various online learning platforms.

WiFi as a Service (WaaSchool)

To be in line with the “Support Scheme for eLearning in Schools”, EdCity offers a WiFi authentication service, in which users can use EdCity account to connect to the internet without memorising multiple sets of login information.

Benefits of "EdConnect Single Sign-on Directory Service"

  • Single sign-on solution: users need not to memorise multiple sets of login information
  • EdCity updates school information every year, ensuring to provide the latest and most accurate information for providers
  • • Adopting the following open authorisation to facilitate integration by developers
    • Web: OAUTH 2.0, SAML 2.0
    • App: AppAuth, Webview (NOT support login with Google account)
  • Reducing the administrative works, e.g. account activation data input and account management
  • Activating user access to online platforms or eBooks instantly

Access to Admin Portal

For Partners Only

To apply for the “EdConnect” service, please complete the following form:

* Please register as a Partner Member of EdCity before submitting your application of “EdConnect”