Service Highlights

Service Highlights
  • As the prime one-stop professional education portal in Hong Kong, the EdCity portal is replete with information, resources, interactive communities and online services, which promote the use of information technology (I.T.) to boost the effectiveness of learning and teaching. It is also devoted to seizing new opportunities arising within the education sector.
2022 HKEdCity - Service Overview
2021 HKEdCity - Service Overview
2020 HKEdCity - Service Overview
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2018 HKEdCity - Service Overview
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2012 Signature Services Overview: About HKEdCity (Chinese only)
2012 Signature Services Overview: School & Teacher Professional Development
2012 Signature Services Overview: Student Learning
2012 Signature Services Overview: Business Collaboration (Chinese only)
2011 Learning & Teaching Resources Overview (Chinese only)
2011 Explore . The Way of Learning (Chinese only)
2010 Education Resources Brochure (Secondary School) (Chinese only)
2010 Education Resources Brochure (Primary School) (Chinese only)
2010 HKEdCity 10th Anniversary Booklet (Chinese only)
2009 Education Resources Brochure (Primary School) (Chinese only)
2009 "School Account Administration System" User Leaflet (Chinese only)
2009 Service Overview Leaflet
2008 Education Resources Brochure (Chinese only)
2008 New Online Teaching Tool of HKEdCity (Chinese only)
2008 Read and Share with Fun at HK Reading City (Chinese only)
2007 HKEdCity Teachers' Manual (Chinese only)
2007 Reading & Writing Online (Chinese only)