Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Hong Kong Education City Limited is dedicated to providing a platform that serves schools, teachers, students, and parents. We combine a wealth of electronic resources and information to meet the needs of the education community. We understand the operation and teaching trends in Hong Kong’s education sector, enabling us to provide valuable insights and recommendations to suppliers.

Through our platform and various programs, suppliers will have the opportunity to engage and collaborate with professionals in the education industry to expand their business opportunities. Please click on the program details below to learn more about how we can assist you in expanding the business opportunities:

Expression of Interest

Partnership for Organising the Learning and Teaching Expo

Hong Kong Education City Limited is now inviting expression of interest (EOI) from prospective partners for organising the Learning and Teaching Expo (LTE).

LTE is one of the leading education expos in the region attracting hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of educators every year.

Details of the Expression of Interest containing submission requirements can be obtained from:

Expression of Interest [PDF]

Summary of Responses to Questions [PDF]


Please note the important dates / times:

Activity Date Time
EOI invitation published 16 Feb 2024  
Briefing to interested invitees 22 Feb 2024

Cantonese session:
11:00 am - 12:00 nn HK Time

English session:
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm HK Time

Closing time for questions, clarifications or requests for information 1 Mar 2024 6:00 pm HK Time
Summary of responses to questions and clarifications published on EdCity websites 8 Mar 2024 6:00 pm HK Time
Closing time for EOI Proposals 28 Mar 2024 12:00 nn HK Time


EOI proposal should be submitted by email to on or before 28 Mar 2024 12:00nn Hong Kong Time.

Briefing Sessions

Prospective partners who are interested in attending the briefing session are required to register by 21 Feb 2024 (Wed) 12:00 nn Hong Kong time by filling in the following registration form:

EdConnect Single Sign-On Solution

In tandem with the eLearning trend, EdConnect ( is launched riding on the comprehensive HKEdCity membership system. Via EdConnect, eLearning resources and Wi-Fi service providers can offer their users a single sign-on access solution. Besides of easy and simple access for schools, this solution also removes the hassle of obtaining user directory data under specified accounts for service providers.


To apply for the ‘EdConnect’ service, please complete the following form:

* Please register as a Partner Member of EdCity before submitting your application of ‘EdConnect’

‘EdConnect’ is applicable to:

WiFi as a Service (WaaS)

To be in line with the ‘Support Scheme for eLearning in Schools’ which optimises infrastructure of Wi-Fi connection in schools, and facilitate use of eTextbooks and eLearning resources in class, HKEdCity offers a Wi-Fi connection authentication service. Through system integration, school users can use HKEdCity’s accounts to connect to the internet. 

Single sign-on - User Directory Service

HKEdCity updates user directory of schools every year. Service providers would be able to retrieve meta-data, e.g., name, school, grade and class, etc. with authorization from school users including teachers and students.

Schools can manage all purchased and free resources of EdConnect service providers in “Resources and Tools Management” page (“School Page”), and enables students to use the HKEdCity accounts to connect to different online learning platforms.


Benefits of Joining EdConnect

  1. Simplify Administration
    Many administrative works are eliminated such as creating and managing accounts, entering and updating data from time to time
  2. Quick Delivery
    It enables users to access any online platforms or eLearning resources instantly that streamline the service provision
  3. Updated information
    Service providers will receive the updated school information which helps them customise the service packages for different user groups

eREAP 2.0

‘eREAP 2.0’ is an upgraded version of the ‘eREAP’ program launched by Hong Kong Education City Limited. It aims to further promote the development of information technology education in local schools by introducing and recommending high-quality e-learning resources and tools.

Our goal is to facilitate teachers in adopting innovative technologies in the classroom and enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Additionally, the program assists suppliers in understanding school needs and providing better solutions.

Following the experience learnt from eREAP, eREAP 2.0 aims to introduce quality eLearning Resources including tools and content to schools in Hong Kong. These resources undergo evaluation by professionals to ensure the selection of appropriate materials for inclusion in the program. We welcome suppliers to actively participate in this program and actively source high-quality solutions from around the world. In addition to providing resource lists for schools’ reference, the program also offers a trial channel for suppliers to provide trial versions to schools. Suppliers can also choose to collaborate with our market expansion team to assist in handling the procurement process with schools, thereby expanding their sales channels.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier of ‘eREAP 2.0’, please complete the following application form:

eRead Scheme

With a view to facilitating nurturing an eReading culture at schools and students’ self-directed learning, HKEdCity launches the ‘eRead Scheme’ ( which provides eBook subscription services on an annual basis. By subscribing to the reading package(s) with a very minimal cost of only ten-odd dollars for each student of a school, all students could enjoy reading the Chinese and English eBooks on list for unlimited times.


‘eRead Scheme’ is one of the largest e-book services in Hong Kong. Publishers and organisations are welcome to participate in the program by providing high-quality books suitable for primary and secondary school students.