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With the implementation of ‘The Fourth Strategy on IT in Education’ (ITE4) since 2015, over 90% public funded schools in Hong Kong have set up WiFi in all classrooms. A solid foundation for eLearning has been established and schools are now ready for more extensive adoption of eLearning resources and tools. To facilitate the development of IT Education in local education, the eREAP has started with the aim to sourcing quality eLearning resources and tools (eResources) from education solutions suppliers locally and around the world for local schools.

eREAP introduces local schools to qualified eResources. The eResources serve to supplement innovative learning and teaching in schools and are not intended to replace textbooks. Evaluation of eResources is coordinated by EdCity together with experienced subject teachers. With free trial, schools can choose the most suitable eResources for their use and EdCity will support the sharing of good practices among teacher communities. Through eREAP, eResources providers can introduce their products to schools, and are able to collect feedback from schools easily.

The eResources

The eResources cover both main subjects and non-academic domains in primary and secondary schools, to cater for the needs of students comprehensively.

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