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Key Stage

♦ Primary 1 - 3        ♦ Primary 4 - 6        ♦ Secondary 1 - 3        ♦ Secondary 4 - 6


♦ English Language Education    



Apply for a trial 

EnglishCentral provides a 1-month free trial for EdCity school members who have never used their service before. Schools who are interested in the trial can apply via the website below.

Teachers and students can use EdCity accounts to log in to EnglishCentral.

Website: https://wkf.ms/3OyAfqp 

Free Trial: A 1-month free trial


Introduction: Improve English listening and speaking skills and enrich vocabulary with interactive videos

EnglishCentral employs engrossing videos and an interactive vocabulary learning system to effectively strengthen listening and speaking skills. Its special Speech recognition system promotes pronunciation accuracy and fluency interactively.

Introduction of EnglishCentral

  • Ms Harmony Wong, Sales and Marketing Executive, MangoSTEEMS by Info Access & Distribution (HK) Limited

Features in Learning and Teaching

  • Affluent materials: over 10,000 videos lessons and 50 video-based courses are available, each lesson with well-defined learning goal, topic, difficulty level and feature words

  • Assistance to second language learners: the platform provides user-friendly functions

    • Slow mode allows watching videos at desired speed

    • Definition of every word in a video can be shown

    • Phonetics alphabet prompts helps improve pronunciation

    • Speech recognition system analyses and gives feedback on learners' pronunciation accuracy and fluency

    • Video transcripts, comprehension tasks and discussion questions are available

    • Some videos are supported with captions in English and simplified Chinese

  • Personal learning record: learners can add words to a personal library for review

  • Consolidation: Vocabulary quizzes help strengthen understanding after watching videos

  • Tasks assignment: teachers can assign videos to learners and monitor their performance

  • Tracking learners' progress: on the 'Teach' page, teachers can check data on learners' achievements, listen to the recordings spoken by learners, and export reports


Demo Video


Support platform

Available on the App Store Get it on Google play  Browse by Web


Official Website


Easter Challenge of EnglishCentral 2023



1. User Guide of Teacher Account 

2. Searching for Teaching Materials

3. Editing Curriculum

4. Creating Assignment

5. Viewing Report



1. User Guide of Student Account 

2. Searching for Teaching Materials

eREAP 2019/20 Briefing Session

Speaker: Mr Ho Chun Yip, English Panel Head, Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School


EnglishCentral Refresher Training Workshop and Community Building Activity

School Experience Sharing
- Ms Pun Kit Wah (The Church of Christ in China Tam Lee Lai Fun Memorial Secondary School)
Refresher Training Workshop 
- Mr Alan Schwartz (CEO, EnglishCentral)
- Mr Jon Manalo (Global Sales & Partner Manager, EnglishCentral)



EnglishCentral Training Workshop Review


1. How can teachers and students log in?

Click ‘Sign in’ at EnglishCentral website. Choose ‘Login with EdCity’. In the popup window, enter EdCity login name and password, then click ‘log in’.

2. Any special points to note for first time login?

Before proceeding, authorise EdCity to permit EnglishCentral accessing your profile, which will last until 31 Aug of the school year. Students must login and accept terms before teachers could see them in the teacher’s user interface. Teachers can set goals for classes, and review their progress from time to time afterwards. Choose ‘Teach’ in the top menu bar, and click ‘curriculum’ to set curriculum goals.

3. What support platforms available?

EnglishCentral is available in both web, Android and iOS versions.


4. What are the steps to add new teacher or student accounts?

Please advise your School Administrator to update teacher or student account information in EdCity’s School Accounts Administration System. Then, ask your school’s eResource administrator to send a request to ereap@edcity.hk, and provide the information of the new teacher or student, including name, login ID, student's grade and class.

5. How can I edit my profile?

Click on the profile picture and click the gear button, or ‘My Account’ on the top menu bar. You will be directed to the ‘My Account’ page. To change your name or email, click the gear button next to ‘Login Information’. To change your password, click ‘Edit Password’. To change your profile picture, click ‘upload’ under the profile picture.

Learning and Teaching

For teachers

6. How to create custom group?

To create custom groups within a class, click ‘Teach’ on the top menu bar. Select a class, click ‘add’ and select ‘Group’. Enter a group name and invite students to join.

7. What kind of performance data could be viewed?

Click ‘Teach’ on the top menu bar and click ‘Reports’. Select ‘Report type’. Students’ recordings can be played.

Teaching Ideas

Teaching resources could be found here to help teachers kick off using eResources in learning and teaching, and experience the benefits.

Suggested Lesson Plan: Improve Public Speaking

One of the common challenges for local students is the lack of chance and practice in speaking. Let students visit the great works by speakers all over the world and get inspired with the use of EnglishCentral.

[Download Lesson Plan]

Suggested Lesson Plan: Expand Vocabulary Effectively 

One of the common challenges for students worldwide in language learning is the lack of vocabulary. Whether students want to improve in reading, speaking, listening or writing skills, there is a huge need for expanding frequently-used vocabulary. They can make use of ‘My Words’  - an effective vocabulary consolidation tool on EnglishCentral.

[Download Lesson Plan]