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About eREAP

About eREAP

  • The resources in eREAP cover a wide spectrum of eResources which are mature, proven and have been widely used in many countries, and also resources which are new-to-market, using cutting-edge technology or suitable for non-academic areas. New eResources will be sourced constantly.
  • All schools which are members of Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) are eligible to apply for eREAP.
  • The licences of eResources are sponsored by suppliers and are offered free to participating schools for a specific period. The free trial period is subject to the eResources.
  • Schools can assign the eResources for the use by all students or only for particular classes.
  • Recruitment of schools will continue until the quota is reached.
  • Supports such as workshops and teacher sharing events will be provided to build the professional community.
  • School surveys will be conducted to collect feedback from schools.
  • If schools are interested in using the eResources AFTER the free trial period, they can enjoy a lower cost of paying the licence via bulk purchase model offered by EdCity.


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Past Briefing Sessions

eREAP 2018/19 Briefing Session - Plan B