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ArcGIS Online

Key Stage

♦ Primary 1 - 3        ♦ Primary 4 - 6        ♦ Secondary 1 - 3        ♦ Secondary 4 - 6


 ♦ Cross KLA / Curricula


Brief Introduction

Map in Learning (MiL) Program, organised by Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity) and Esri China (HK), aims to provide GIS Software ‘ArcGIS Online’ and related mapping analytical tools to all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and Macao for free. Throughout this program, cloud-based mapping platform ‘ArcGIS Online’ will be used together with real-time data, spatial analysis to achieve cross-curriculum integration in teaching and learning. Inquiry-based learning also enables students to have a more interesting learning experience.


Support Platform

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Major Functions

  • A number of datasets are built-in ArcGIS Online, including those from government, information and data from professional organisations for creating maps and analyzing data in the academic sector
  • Without installing any software or programs, users can obtain real-time data and maps
  • It is easy to create interactive maps on the Story Map website to share learning results without any programming knowledge
  • It is possible to customise the administration rights for authorising and managing certain content in the application

Introduction of ArcGIS Online

  • Ms Joy Chan, Marketing Manager, Esri China (Hong Kong)

Demo Video



Major steps on how to use it

  1. Request a free school account in Map in Learning Program's website
  2. Activate the subscription and check for details in the quick start guide
  3. Set up Administration account and assign ArcGIS Online accounts to teachers & students
  4. Teachers and students can login to their own account to start viewing and creating maps on ArcGIS Online




Geographic Information System, eLearning, IoT, Open Data, Big Data, Mapping Tools, Problem Solving Skills, Environmental Education, Cloud-based Application, Data Analytics, Spatial Analytics, Story Map, STEM, Fieldtrip

Experience Sharing in Adopting Geospatial Technology for Cross-disciplinary Teaching & Learning in Secondary School

Speakers: Ms Leung Wing Mui, Vice Principal, Kowloon Sam Yuk Secondary School; Ms Lee Wai Man, Geography Pannel Head, Kowloon Sam Yuk Secondary School; Mr. Chan Ka Lam, History Teacher, Kowloon Sam Yuk Secondary School and Students

‘GIS for Flipped Classroom’ Webinar

eREAP 2019/20 Briefing Session

Speakers: Mr James Kwok Tsz Kwan, Panel Head of Geography, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Wong Fut Nam College and Students

pdf_icon.pngTeaching materials


Learning & Teaching Expo 2017 - Application of ArcGIS Online and Story Maps in Project Learning

Speaker: Mr Liu Hok Him Aaron, Christian Alliance SW Chan Memorial College


Teaching resources could be found here to help teachers kick off using eResources in learning and teaching, and experience the benefits.


Teaching Resources:

With the application of ArcGIS Online and StoryMaps, students who are studying Geography in DSE level can apply self-learning with maps and multimedia content on the web. Meanwhile, teachers are encouraged to setup exercise in ArcGIS Survery123 and answer various learning needs of the students.