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eREAP 2018/19 Briefing Session

eREAP 2018/19 Briefing Session

eREAP – Plan B’ offers free eResources for schools’ application in 2018/19. EdCity organised a briefing session which helps teachers familiarise with ‘eREAP – Plan B’ and the eResources provided with practical teaching experience sharing. Please refer to the videos below:

1. Introduction of eREAP

Speaker: Ms Ling Hung, Senior Development Manager, Hong Kong Education City


2. Teacher Sharing on Seppo

Speaker: Mr Chan Hi-ho, Pak Kau College


3. Teacher Sharing on Dystopia 2153 

Speaker: Mr Wong Lai-ho, PSMCD, SKH Kei Yan Primary School


4. Introduction of ArcGIS Online

Speaker: Ms Carrie Choi, GIS Analyst of Esri China (Hong Kong)


5. Introduction of Dystopia 2153

Speaker: Mr Stuart Patton, Co-Founder of Polkuni


6. Introduction of Seppo

Speaker: Mr Tero Kulha, COO, partner of Seppo