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Dystopia 2153

Key Stage

♦ Primary 4 - 6        ♦ Secondary 1 - 3


♦ Cross KLA / Curricula        ♦ English Language Education        ♦ Technology Education        ♦ General Studies for Primary Schools


Brief Introduction

Dystopia 2153 is an all-in-one resource that integrates coding puzzles and graphic novels. It is designed to inspire the next generation of coders and storytellers. It encourages literacy and problem-solving skills, creative and abstract thinking. It is a great tool for both struggling and high-level students. Dystopia 2153 meets STEM/STEAM and Literacy curriculum outcomes while teaching students core coding concepts.


Support Platform

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Major Functions:

  • Enhance literacy while teaching core coding concepts
  • Students interact with over 40 challenging coding puzzles
  • Build core coding concepts in a step by step methodology


Demo Video


Major steps on how to use it 

  1. Teachers sign up and set up user name and password
  2. With a licence, teachers assign student accounts
  3. Students log in with their own user ID and password and read the novel, solve the puzzles
  4. Prompts, hints and tips for the puzzles are provided
  5. Teachers have access to an answer key and teacher’s guide detailing in-class activities



Coding, Programming, Graphic Novel, Comics, STEM, STEAM, Literacy


1. User Guide of Teacher Account 

2. User Guide 



1. User Guide of Student Account 

2. User Guide 

eREAP 2019/20 Briefing Session 

Speaker: Mr Nikko Yiu Pak Shing, English Teacher, SKH Kei Yan Primary School


eREAP 2018/19 Briefing Session

Speaker: Mr Leonard Wong Lai Ho, PSMCD, SKH Kei Yan Primary School

Teaching Ideas

Teaching resources could be found here to help teachers kick off using eResources in learning and teaching, and experience the benefits.


Suggested Lesson Plan: ‘Read to Code’ Journey​

Are your students bored with regular reading lessons? By making good use of the graphic novels and coding games of Dystopia 2153, teachers and students will be experiencing an innovative ‘Read to Code’ journey.

[Download Lesson Plan]