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Plan B

Scope of the Programme - Plan B

  • eREAP - Plan B covers a wide spectrum of eResources which are mature, proven and have been widely used in many countries, and also resources which are new-to-market, using cutting-edge technology or suitable for non-main subjects. New eResources will be sourced constantly.

  • Schools which are members of Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity) are eligible to apply for the programme.

  • The licences of these eResources are sponsored by suppliers and are offered free to participating schools for a specific period. The free trial period is subject to the eResources.

  • Schools can assign the eResources for the use by all students or only for particular classes.

  • Recruitment of schools will continue until the number of licence is reached.

  • Support such as workshops and teacher sharing events will be provided to build the professional community.

  • School surveys will be conducted to collect feedback from schools.

  • If there is sufficient interest from schools to continue to use the eResources AFTER the free trial period, HKEdCity will continue to liaise over the licensing and schools can continue to use the service by paying the applicable licence fee.



Plan B Resources