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School Participation

Role and Responsibilities of Participating Schools


  • 參與 (Enrol)
    • To enrol in eREAP and participate in briefing sessions, workshops, teacher communities. Making use of the resources on website such as user guides, school sharing and teaching ideas to implement the eResources in learning and teaching
  • 試驗 (Experience)
    • To motivate the use of innovative eResources in school
  • 投入(Engage)
    • To deepen the use and facilitate the use of eResources by purchasing the suitable eResources
    • To share the L&T strategies and experience with teacher communities
  • 評估 (Evaluate)
    • To evaluate and give feedback to the suppliers for modifying the eResources
  • 進化 (Evolve)
    • To evolve the lessons with innovative learning and teaching through sharing and deepening the use of eResources