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Key Stage

♦ Secondary 1 - 3        ♦ Secondary 4 - 6


♦ Science Education


Apply for a trial 

Twig provides a 1-month free trial for EdCity school members who have never used their service before. Schools who are interested in the free trail can apply via the website of Twig, stating ‘eREAP free trial’.

Website: https://www.twig-world.com/quote/ 

Free Trial: A 1-month free trial for a maximum of one class level of students


Introduction: Science concepts made visible via videos

Twig helps learners understand abstract science concepts with ease through films. These films are produced by scientists, educators and film and TV producers, and are suitable for Hong Kong students.

Its library of lesson ideas and teaching materials enables 'Flipped Learning'.

Introduction of Learnlex and Twig

  • Ms Evelyn Li, Senior Education Consultant, Trumptech (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Features in Learning and Teaching

  • Facilitate local curriculum: suits Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

  • Rich resources: the platform assists learners’ concrete understanding with

    • over 1700 3-minute films

    • interactive quizzes for each topic

    • thousands of downloadable images, diagrams, and other digital materials

  • Bilingual captioning: Chinese and English subtitles are available for learners’

  • Tracking learners' progress: 'MyTwig' page helps teachers assign tasks and quizzes, and view the performance of classes, groups and individuals

  • Designed for 'Flipped Classroom': quality films and materials facilitate 'Flipped Classroom' in different ways, and allows time for fuller discussion on class

  • Topics mind map: interconnection of science concepts is displayed, making information searchable for further exploration and project-based learning


Demo Video


Support platform

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1. Twig in Science Lesson (Secondary school)

2. Sharing from Science teacher

3. Sharing from students


1. User Guide of Teacher Account 

2. Film List 

3. Searching for Teaching Materials


4. Creating Assignment


5. Viewing Report




1. User Guide of Student Account 

2. Searching for Learning and Teaching Materials


3. Starting Assignment and Viewing Report



Twig Refresher Training Workshop and Community Building Activity

School Experience Sharing
- Mr Wong Cheuk Man, Teacher, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals S.C. Gaw Memorial College
Refresher Training Workshop
- Ms Carol Cheng, Curriculum Consultant, Trumptech (Hong Kong) Ltd



Twig Training Workshop Review



1. How do teachers and students log in?

Click ‘Login’ at the top right hand corner of Twig website. In the login page, enter username/email and password, then click ‘log in’.

2. What should be noted for first time login?

Before proceeding, authorise EdCity to permit Mathspace accessing your profile, which will last until 31 Aug of the school year.

Students must login and accept terms mentioned in (i) before teachers could see them in the teacher’s user interface.

3. What support platforms available?

Twig is available in web version.


4. What are the steps to add new teacher or student accounts?

Your school’s eResource administrator could add accounts in Twig.

5. How do I edit my profile?

Click on the Username on the top right hand corner. Click ‘My Twig’ and ‘My details’. Edit Name, Email and Password if necessary.

Learning and Teaching

6. Can teachers create custom group?

In ‘My Twig’ page, click ‘Student Management’. Click ‘Student groups’, then click ‘edit’. Teachers can then type group name and edit group members.

7. Can teachers write their own quizzes?

This function in unavailable at the moment. Teachers are recommended to use quizzes set in Twig.

8. What are the subjects covered in eREAP?

Teachers are able to access Physics, Chemistry and Biology but not experiment films.

9. Any points to note when using movies?

It is recommended to use browsers other than Safari for closed caption function.


Teaching resources could be found here to help teachers kick off using eResources in learning and teaching, and experience the benefits.


Suggested Lesson Plan: Animal Classification

There are many different types of animals in the world, what we can see in Hong Kong are just a small sector of them. Thus, students may find difficulty in learning the classification of animals. Films from TWIG can help students visualise different features and characteristics of the animals, as if they are observing these animals in real life.

[Download Lesson Plan]

Films Recommendation: Animals

Panthers, spiders, bats, wolves… have you noticed that animals often play an important part in superhero movies? The blend of human and animals’ traits have been fascinating playwrights of generations. Let’s watch, learn and share how special humans and animals are!

[Download Film List]

Suggested Lesson Plan: Changing States of Matter

Could your students explain interesting natural phenomena in everyday life? This lesson plan demonstrates effective teaching through a blend of Twig’s FILM, QUIZ and HANDOUT, together with extended activity, to satisfy students’ curiosity and empower them to connect science concepts with daily life.

[Download Lesson Plan]


Film List

Twig consists of films suitable for different science subjects and levels. Teacher can find the film list for each level below:

  1. Form 1 Science Education
  2. Form 2 Science Education
  3. Form 3 Science Education