Company Overview
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Performance Pledges

Hong Kong Education City is committed to providing teachers and the public with high quality services. We take great concerns on user comments and satisfaction. In order to enhance our services and satisfy the needs of users, we set out the following targets.

Category Service Target
User Account Opening/ Registration point-form Process user account application (online application) point-form within 1 working day
point-form Review and endorsement of School Account and Principal Personal Account application (written application) point-form within 3 working days upon all the required information and supporting document being received
Web Service point-form Provide accessible and stable web service point-form 99.9% (24 hours every day and 7 days in every week in normal operation)
point-form Inform user of scheduled maintenance work/ service suspension of web server point-form 14 calendar days in advance
point-form Resume web service in case of system failure point-form within 2 hours (excluding un-controllable external factors)
Customer Service point-form Response to voicemail enquiries at the hotline (recorded before 3pm in working days) point-form reply within 3 hours (starting from the recorded time)
Response to voicemail enquiries at the hotline (recorded after 3pm in working days) reply before 12pm on the next working day
point-form Handle written (including emails) enquiries point-form within 7 working days
point-form Handle written complaints point-form issue acknowledgement within 3 working days and reply within 20 working days
Publication point-form Publication of annual report point-form 4 months after the end of financial year