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The Fourth Strategy on IT in Education announced by the Education Bureau highlighted the importance of eLearning by strengthening schools’ IT infrastructure and equipping all classrooms with WiFi access.

Being one of the major advocators of eLearning in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity) is devoted to enhancing information technology infrastructure in schools and exploring possibilities to assist schools to implement eLearning. In 2013 working together with Association of I.T. Leaders in Education (AiTLE), HKEdCity established a pioneer project, ‘WiFi as a Service School Partnership Project’ (WaaSchool), providing convenient and easy-to-access WiFi network to schools, so as to empower our future generations with innovative learning paradigm.


WaaSchool Services

1. Authentication
Login WiFi network with HKEdCity account

2. Login Control
School can turn on/off WiFi access for individual user and at a specific time period

3. Session Control
School can control number of device logins at a time

4. Testing Tool
Assess initial performance of WiFi network



We cooperate with local network service providers to ensure schools using a stable WiFi network for eLearning implementation.
1. 162 Primary Schools
2. 176 Secondary Schools
3. 12 Special Schools
4. 11 Service Providers