To deliver the best-personalised user experience, all of EdCity’s accounts have been upgraded to full memberships, categorised as ‘School’, ‘Teacher’, ‘Student’, and ‘Parent’. Registered users are eligible for full access to the extensive online resources and support from EdCity. As of the 2022/23 academic year, over 1,100 schools had signed up, with an estimated number of 620,000 student users and 270,000 teacher users.

Account Application and Management

EdCity provides students and teachers with specialised school-based accounts secured by Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication technology. With just one single password, users can access multiple applications and EdCity’s exhaustive online services and teaching resources. Accounts are set to be renewed annually, and schools will be advised about the arrangement in August. Sign up now to gain unrestricted access to teaching and learning resources available on EdCity.

School Account 

Student Account

School-based Teacher Account

Individual Teacher Account


School-based accounts can now be upgraded to full memberships owned by the users, who will have full control over their own account and will be able to view their complete user profile and activity history at EdCity regardless of which class or school they teach or attend.

Public/ Parent Member

Participate in parents’ talks and workshops for free

Browse through 1,400+ parenting and education-related articles and videos

Enjoy 1,200+ learning games

Corporate Member

Promote via ‘Partner Events’ of EdCity website

Promote activities on ‘Event Calendar’ platform

Collaborate with EdCity to explore business opportunities and reach hundreds of thousands of EdCity members

Co-build education ecosystem with data standardisation

Easy login, Easy access

To enhance the user experience and cater to the unique needs of individuals, multiple login options are available, including:

  • Username and Password
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • QR Code