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Leverage 'School-based Teacher Account' in Education's New Normal

Leverage 'School-based Teacher Account' in Education's New Normal



The prolonged pandemic has spurred demands for EdCity school-based services. In the 2019/20 school year, the STAR platform registered over 110,000 student users, while eRead scheme has seen participation of over 830 schools, all of which adding up to a total of more than 300,000 students using EdCity services.


In response to the education’s new normal, EdCity launched the ‘school-based teacher account’ in 2020, so that schools can easily create and update accounts for all teachers, while teachers can promptly enjoy EdCity school-based services and grasp students’ learning data. In the long run, schools can maintain a complete database of learning data and teaching resources.


‘School-based Teacher Account’ had been fully adopted in 2022/23 school year, only ‘School-based Teacher Account’ can access EdCity school-based services.

Teacher Account Types

School-based Teacher Account


‘School-based teacher account’ was launched on 28 Oct 2020 for schools to motivate all teachers to utilise eLearning platforms, while maintaining a complete database of learning data and teaching resources. School administrators can easily create ‘school-based teacher accounts’ for all teachers to access EdCity school-based services and student learning data. Schools are able to manage these accounts with full rights, and will reclaim the corresponding accounts when teachers leave the school, thus ensuring proper management of school data.


Individual Teacher Account


‘Individual teacher accounts’ are individually registered by teachers for their professional development, and are owned solely by the teachers themselves. From 28 Oct 2020 onwards, ‘individual teacher accounts’ can no longer start affiliating to a school, while those already affiliated by that day will be disaffiliated from their school after 31 Aug 2022.


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