Teacher CPD Series: Seminar on Promoting Reading Culture

On 12 March 2024, EdCity hosted a seminar on promoting a vibrant reading culture. Featuring Ms Ng Pik Wah and Ms Wu Wing Yin, a frontline teacher and teacher-librarian respectively at SKH Yan Laap Primary School, the session showcased their success story of fostering a campus-wide love for reading through a combination of curriculum-based initiatives and extracurricular activities. To further enrich the discourse, Mr Fred Wong and Dr Karen Chan, Librarians of Hong Kong Central Library, introduced a diverse array of reading programmes and activities specifically tailored for primary and secondary school students by the Hong Kong Public Libraries. Towards the end of the session, EdCity’s representative also provided an overview of services to actively promote extensive reading.


The ‘Reading Buddy Programme’ presented by Ms Ng and Ms Wu was an initiative aiming at instilling a love of reading in students while boosting their English language skills. 


Mr Wong and Dr Chan highlighted the various reading programs and activities organised by the Hong Kong Public Libraries. 


EdCity’s representative underscored the pivotal role of reading in nurturing students’ self-directed learning abilities.